How to Hire a Security Guard for Your Home

A security guard is a person whose main job is to take care of your security plus that of your family and properties. He or she is a person who is in charge of the traffic in and out of your compound. A security guard, also called a watchman/watchwoman (depending on the sex) keeps records of who comes to your place, at what time and for which purpose. When hiring a security guard, consider the following;

1)Age. You should hire a young person and not an old man who will be sloppy in executing his duties. Not so young enough but a middle-aged person.

2) Time of guarding. If you are looking for a security guard, then have it in mind that he or she will work for one shift- day/night. That calls for somebody to work on the other time

3) Gender. When you hire a security guard, look into the preferred gender. If you’re hiring for a corporate office security guard during the day, a lady is advisable. However, if it’s a night shift, then it won’t be prudent to hire a lady.

4) Literacy. As I said above, a security guard keeps records of who came when, why, and the time they left. This includes other details like Id card number, car registration number etc. A security guard opens the gate for everyone and to do all that, some degree of literacy is needed.

5) Height. Well, this might seem not sensible but, the candidate should have a commanding physical appearance. They should be tall, with an authoritative look. Not a timid small bodied person who can be cowed by any possible security threat.

6) Alertness. You should hire somebody who is alert. somebody who is keen and grasps small details to see any least change as soon as possible and report. They should be sharp.

However, it is advisable that you employ the services of a company. This means, you will be communicating directly to a security company, which will in turn deploy a security guard at your place and you pay the company at the end of the month. Using the services of a company has many benefits compared to employing one yourself. This includes,

1) Trainning. Security companies give their employees some special training. This involves physical exercises, discipline, grooming, record keeping and they learn all their responsibilities as guards. This saves you time to hire, and any scare about experience.

2) Administration. The security guard in your place will be directly answerable to his/her employer. In case of any mistake, the company shall take their employee and give a replacement immediately. You wont have a problem in recruiting.

3) Insurance. Having a company to be in charge of your security is some form of insurance. If, in any case, some problem like theft takes place, then you will be compensated by the company. This is because it is their employee’s fault. Unlike if you employed the guard yourself, you will have nothing as payback.

However, in hiring the services of a company, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets. Companies charge more and it’s expensive to hire them compared to hiring the security guard yourself.


Home Security Tips Help Protect Family and Home

In the event that you are worried about home security you are one of by far most of Americans that consider this as a standout amongst the most critical matters they right now confront. As we as a whole know wrongdoings of robbery and burglary keep on growing alarmingly. Indeed, even urban communities and rural areas that were once thought to be protected and wrongdoing free are currently encountering unparalleled levels of wrongdoing including robbery, theft and additionally vicious and furnished hold-ups.

Well what would you be able to, as a concerned mortgage holder, do to ensure yourself, your family and property from the possibility of encountering wrongdoing? Here are various entirely basic and clear home security tips on how you can ensure your home, family and resources.

While advanced security and alert frameworks can make the property holder feel more great and secure regularly the expense of these frameworks are past the money related method for some individuals. So for individuals who are not ready to manage the cost of the expense of introducing alert frameworks we have a couple home security tips and proposals that will help you in your war against unimportant wrongdoing.

Leading you ought to register all entryways driving with your home. Review the way to guarantee they are not empty since empty entryways are generally simple and snappy to break and this considers fast undetected passage into your home. In the event that you have any empty entryways (or entryways with windows) consider supplanting them with strong timber entryways or better still with metal ones as this will be a genuine impediment to would-be cheats.

Where conceivable utilize boisterous cautions which are prone to frighten off by far most of thieves. In the event that you have sliding entryways or windows it is suggested that and having a protected bolting component you likewise fortify them by setting a wooden or steel post in the sliding track to keep the entryway or window from being constrained open.

One of the most ideal approaches to evaluate the security of your house is to stroll around the outside border and search for any shortcoming in your security precautionary measures. For instance it is firmly prescribed not to permit trees or bushes to develop before windows, particularly in the back of the home. The foliage is a flawless cover for any robber while they are endeavoring to access your home.

A further home security tip is to wipe out dim zones around the home by introducing little lights close greenery in order to permit you to illuminate these ranges during the evening or to associate the lighting with movement sensors in order to avert potential cheats.

View Your Home Through The Eyes Of A Robber

It is surely understood that most criminals, even the most expert and capable, will just attempt to go into the house that offers the minimum resistance. Their technique for operation is verging on all inclusive in that they need to get in and get out as fast as could be expected under the circumstances without attracting thoughtfulness regarding themselves. As an obstacle why not set up signs cautioning that your home has a security framework introduced as this can frequently make thieves overlook your home and continue moving to the following house in the area

Other home security tips incorporate continually keeping the shades drawn during the evening and at whatever point the property is empty dependably keep your assets beyond anyone’s ability to see. It is normal learning that numerous thieves focus on the burglary of costly, appeal hardware which they can see sitting on tables and work areas. So as an insurance guarantee that these things are put out of perspective.

On the off chance that thieves can not watch simple open property from their vantage point outside then it is profoundly impossible that they will attempt to access your home in case you have something worth their exertion.

Continuously close and bolt windows and entryways during the evening and when you are out Close your draperies around evening time or when the house is unattended. Introduce outer security lights, ideally those that are initiated by movement sensors and guarantee your resources can’t be seen all things considered. By taking a couple of basic insurances with these home security tips will be well on your approach to ensuring your family and property.